McGrath’s post-modern apologetic for Christian Theism

  I have very much enjoyed listening to Alister McGrath’s Parchman Lectures at Truett Seminary (Baylor University). His three lectures were entitled: “Why reason isn’t enough: The “Big Picture” of faith.” “Seeing things in a new way: grace and the transformation of vision.” “Wonder and Meaning: Why faith engages the imagination, not just reason.”   McGrath makes a fine case for Christian Theism, and I particularly  appreciated his doing this in post-modern style. He critiques … Continue reading

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Mission experts speak to the “same God” issue

I was delighted to hear voices from the missionary world speaking to the issue that has become serious in the procedure begun by Wheaton College to terminate the employment of Lrycia Hawkins, because the school thinks that her statement that Muslims and Christians worship the same God conflicts with the school’s faith commitment. In a special edition of the Occasional Bulletin of the Evangelical Missiological Society, 21 mission related experts address the question, “What are … Continue reading

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Why did it take me so long to accept the strong biblical indication that God finally destroys the wicked?

Last night, I had a lengthy Skype chat with Chris Date, who is in the process of interviewing some (or all) of the authors of essays in A Consuming Passion,  of which Chris was an editor. My own piece was about my “long journey to annihilationism.” Chris talked with me about a couple of the stages in my journey and he seemed particularly puzzled by the fact that I had been so slow to concede … Continue reading

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Jerry Walls on worshiping the same God

In an interesting and helpful post, Jerry Walls asks: “Wheaton, Allah, and the Trinity: Do Muslims Really Worship the Same God as C. S. Lewis?” He gets into the critical work of distinguishing questions which might be in people’s minds when the basic one is on the table. I have addressed that problem in an earlier post. Walls identifies 4 questions: 1) Do Christians and Muslims believe essentially the same thing about God? 2) If … Continue reading

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Paul Helm on the question of worshiping the same God

I have learned a good deal from Paul Helm through the years, and frequently I find that he and I are on the same page. Such was the case when I read his post today, entitled “Getting into Hot Water.” It is tempting to just republish his whole post, and I’m going to reprint much of it here, but you can check the link if you want more. Since I agree so substantially with his … Continue reading

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Document posted: “Irenaeus and Modern Responses to the Challenge of Religious Pluralism.”

In 1993, I read a paper at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Washington, DC, Nov 19, 1993, entitled “Irenaeus on the Salvation of the Unevangelized.” It summed up my findings from my doctoral dissertation. A couple of weeks ago, I was notified by that a person in Malaysia had requested a copy. I sent the paper to him. Today, said that someone else was asking about it, so I … Continue reading

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The ten most read posts at my blog site in 2015

As we head into a new year, it is interesting to see what drew people to my blog site in 2015. Here are the 10 posts which were most often visited last year, in order of  frequency. I have also noted when the post was published, because I find it intriguing to see what subjects continue to draw visitors long after they were written, and which ones written in 2015 made it on to the … Continue reading

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“We Palestinian Christians say Allahu Akbar”

In regard to the question whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God, an important factor to consider is that Arabic speaking Christians also call God Allah when they speak of the one whom we worship as the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. This point is made in a rather sobering interview with Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios (Atallah Hanna), who is the only Orthodox Christian archbishop from Palestine stationed in Jerusalem and the … Continue reading

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Christians, Jews and Muslims: Confusion about the question on the table

The discussion continues about how we answer the question: “Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?” I keep opening items that come my way which address this issue, and I’ve become convinced that serious confusion is being created because people often purport to be answering that question but they are, in fact, addressing a different question, while giving the impression that the answer they give to that question is the answer to the question … Continue reading

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Melchizedek, Abraham, Muslims and worship of the One True God

The question of whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God is still being much talked about. My earlier post, drawing on the work of John Stackhouse, had made an analogy between the Jews and Muslims as people who worship one God but do not understand him to be tripersonal. That analogy has been troubling to some people, who make reference to the special relationship which Judaism has to God because of the Abrahamic covenant. … Continue reading

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